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    Town Claim help


    Feb 21, 2021
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    Can a admin please help me I made a town and some people in my town claimed some wrong stuff like they claimed the mailbox which I need to put name on Here is the list I will tell you what to do for each one

    - (AppleJackZac) Claimed the mailbox make him unclaim the mailbox and only claim his house
    -(Soggystarfish) Claimed the mailbox and a little of the bubble
    -(MicrowaveMini) Claimed the mailbox and a little of the road
    -(HugzOfDeath) Good but house is going a little over the road
    -(IronChunk974) Claimed a little of where the road is going to be

    Also someone greifed my town but I fixed it but 2 houses at the end are unclaimed and idk whos house they are
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