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    SMP Patch 2.0 - A new beginning


    Network Developer and Systems Engineer
    light Light
    Jun 28, 2020
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    After countless hours of work, we are ready to reveal Enlighten's biggest and best update so far: SMP 2!

    Downtime has begun, ETA: 1 hour

    UPDATE: Downtime is now over!

    What is SMP 2?

    Enlighten has always been a Survival Multiplayer (SMP) centered server. We've recently been trying to break this border and expand into minigames (Starting with Duels, which we released a few days ago), however, SMP is still a core part of the Enlighten Experience and we couldn't give up on that.

    Enlighten was started almost a year ago on a small server host, as just 1 server. We've grown so much since then, bought multiple dedicated servers, and grown our community exponentially as @Lynix and the server helped each other grow.

    The current SMP server is riddled with bugs, lag with high player counts, lag machines, and the likes. Some by our own design and others the result of others mistakes.

    About a month ago we announced that a new SMP would be releasing, along with the discontinuing of the current SMP server.
    All your current stats, builds, balances, will be gone, only network wide things like ranks, guilds, etc will persist.
    In SMP 2 we strived to keep these kind of bugs to a minimum, well over half of the server wide plugins are now custom Enlighten plugins.

    SMP is by far our most played gamemode, as you can see from some fancy metrics here (More of these in an upcoming Dev Blog).


    With this being the case, we wanted to do our very best for SMP 2, we took all the criticism from SMP 1 into account, and improved our stability, infrastructure, and internal systems exponentially.

    Patch Notes
    • Removed Citizens, created custom NPC system
    • Removed Merchants, created custom Shop system
    • Fixed bugs with NPCs and Armor Stands not despawning when the servers crashes or gets killed, since the new NPC system uses packets instead of Bukkit entities.
    • Added a way to easily teleport to the Dark Auction
    • Added Skills
    • Fixed Dragon Boss Fight
    • New Dragon - Runic Dragon
    • Made a custom anti-lag machine system
    • Much, much, more

    We wanted to add a custom skills system to SMP 2, to add something that people can always grind towards, with new goals to achieve, and a leaderboard of the best players. We know endless survival gets boring, so we wanted to add some new ways to have fun.
    Current Skills: Farming, Mining, Combat, Foraging, Fishing
    Leveling up each skill will grant you access to skill specific perks, coins, and occasionally special access to areas or other unlockable things.



    We've completely redone how shops work, and selling items!

    You can access the shops at /warp shop, or through /shop <type>

    Shop Types: Farm, Mining, Lumber, Builder, Mobdrops

    To sell items, go into any shop, and click items in your inventory. It will sell them for the same price they're sold in the store (No more /sell!)


    Rules Changes
    • The Server is now PG, instead of PG-13. Please refrain from swearing
    Staff Changes
    • @Bears is now a server owner
    • @Jaren is now a server developer
    We're going to be doing lots of bug fixing, and frequent updates and additions. SMP 2 is not 100% finished, there's tons of stuff we're still working on to make it an amazing experience. The world download for the SMP 1 will be up soon, we'll edit this post at that time. (It's 314GB in total)

    @TheTreeko @LCMcrafter @IDannyyI @htb9000 @PeachEllie - Building
    @Bears - Coordination
    @BattleDash - Systems Development
    @Jaren - Quality Assurance, core stabilization

    Thanks for reading!
    We hope you enjoy SMP 2 as much as we enjoyed SMP 1 and working on it. Please give us your feedback on everything


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    New member
    SubToLynix Mr.cake
    Jul 14, 2020
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    OMG! this is awesome, thank you, for all helpers who helped in the progress. I can't wait too play this, it looks amazing!
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    Active member
    Moon_and_Sun_Clan Aurora_Sky
    Jul 16, 2020
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    Looks incredible! Thank you so much for all y'alls work on this!! Can't wait to play it! <33


    Kryptic Kryptic
    Jul 5, 2020
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    I still haven't played (oops) but this entire post and the trailer has me SO STOKED! Thank you for all the hard work you've all put in!

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