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    SkyWars and the Enlighten Player Panel


    Network Developer and Systems Engineer
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    Jun 28, 2020
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    Hey All!

    Today we're releasing the long awaited SkyWars Minigame in beta, and the Enlighten Player Panel.


    Version: 1.8-1.16.3

    Right now SkyWars is very basic (this is currently the alpha testing stage). There's no stats tracking, no cosmetics, no kits, etc. You spawn on a random island, and are given 3 chests. Every 3 minutes the chests refill. The chests in the sub-middle and middle islands have OP loot. Last man standing wins.

    We currently have 2 maps at launch, Medieval and Aztec, however the third fourth maps are coming soon!

    Games have a minimum of 4 players, and max of 8. Please play a lot and let us know what you think! We're looking for lots of feedback on this. Report any bugs to https://enlightenmc.net/bugs.

    If you're in a party, and join a game, your party will automatically be warped into the same server as you.

    Enlighten Player Panel ("Board of Directors")
    It's come to our attention that we're good developers, but bad players. We don't know what the community wants in terms of details when it comes to SMP Updates and new Minigames, so we're creating the Enlighten Player Panel to solve this problem (For example, the global dragon announcements were an oversight).

    We're going to be taking applications and inviting known members of the community to join the panel. To apply, you must have the Director rank, which is why we're affectionately nick-naming it the "Board of Directors" (Get it?). You must be a well known member in the community, excel in a skill like PvP, or have lots of knowledge about how core games like SMP work and a creative mindset to come up with new ideas and improve on ours, and you must be at least 14 years old.

    Joining the panel will grant you inside-access to internal information relating to new minigames and/or SMP updates and how our systems operate. Sharing any information will result in demotion from the team and may result in further punishment depending on the severity.

    Consider applying to join the team if you have an interest in shaping the future of the server in your image, and contributing to help us do the best we can in providing a great player experience.

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