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    Server Rules

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    Kryptic Kryptic
    Jun 30, 2020
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    Hello everyone, please take the time to read and understand the rules listed below, this is to maintain a positive and happy community for everyone on the Enlighten Network!

    Chat Rules: Breaking most of these rules will result in mutes of various lengths, although more serious infractions or regularly breaking the rules will result in a ban

    • The server is now PG. This means no swearing or inappropriate conversations on the server (The Discord will remain PG-13)
      • Please use common sense when thinking of what to say
      • Do not attempt to censor or "bleep out" a curse word in a sentence, it will be obvious what you were trying to say
    • Do not spam in any way
      • This means messages sent in quick succession or otherwise useless messages only meant to take up room
      • Do not spam commands
      • Do not spam in all caps
      • Do not spam an absurd amount of characters
    • Absolutely no politics, mainstream or otherwise will be tolerated. This server is for a variety of people around the world and should not become a place for political debates.
    • Do not talk back to a staff member, if you have a problem do not make a scene in general chat
    • Do not be generally toxic, this is a place everyone should feel safe and happy to play on
    • Do not use slurs of any kind, this is common sense
    • Do not mini mod, we appreciate our members assisting in the absence of our staff members, but if a staff member is on let them handle the situation
    • Do not attempt to scam anyone through the use of chat
    • Do not post any sort of link in chat unless it is to the forums
    • Do not beg for a rank or items from staff members
    • Do not impersonate another member through nickname or any other form
    • Do not rename items after staff members, either mobs that could kill you or any item (Ex. Bears' Foot)
    • Do not annoy staff members for no reason, they will help if you need it but do not waste their time
    • Please keep chat in English, we cannot moderate other languages
    • Do not self promote unless you are currently streaming on the server or have posted a video on the server (Once per hour while streaming)
    • Do not try to avoid a mute by using signs or any other means
    • All text on signs must adhere to chat rules
    • Do not talk about hacking on the server
    • You must have an appropriate name in order to play on the server
    • Do not attempt to steal or leak any personal information of any member by any means, this will be an automatic permanent ban
    • Do not try and sell anything in any chat, private or public, with irl money
    • Do not post any suspicious links in chat, IP grabber links are pretty easy to spot and will result in a perm ban
    • Above all else be respectful to all other Enlighten community members!
    General Rules: Depending on the severity of the rule broken these will result in anything from a warning to a permanent IP ban on all accounts
    • Do not use ANY form of client side modification that gives you an unfair advantage over other players
      • X-ray
      • PvP Modifications (Aura, Reach, No Knockback etc.)
      • Optifine is an example of an exception
    • Do not create anything that will lag the server such as...
      • Lava casts
      • Redstone lag machines
    • Do not attempt to gain the seed to the server in any way, this is an unfair advantage
    • All redstone creations must be no more than 10x10 in order to reduce server lag
    • No obscene builds or other inappropriate creations
    • No bots or AFK accounts allowed on the server for more than a reasonable amount of time
    • Do not attempt to trick people to teleport to their deaths
    • Do not intentionally grief the land near another player's build
      • Players are responsible for claiming their own builds, there is a Grief Prevention plugin for a reason
      • Staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items due to being left in an unclaimed area
      • Do not try and take another's build as your own
    • No AFK farms/systems allowed
      • Fish farms
      • Mob grinders
      • Pet XP
      • Guild XP
      • Other redstone farms
    • Do not flood the auction house with useless or overpriced items
    • Do not try to scam with renamed items through the auction house
    • No adult of otherwise inappropriate names for items, even if they won't be seen in chat
    • Do not attempt to glitch or use an exploit in order to get to an unobtainable location (Nether roof)
    • No offensive, controversial, or inappropriate skins allowed. This includes those that depict political figures.
    • Do not spawn withers in the overworld, Nether only!
    • Do not log on with an alt to avoid a mute or ban (This will result on a ban of your IP)
    • Do not trade in-game items for real money, this is a bannable offense
    • Do not use the names of any staff members, this includes item names, nicknames, guild tags, if you are using the name of a staff member you will be asked to change it
    • Do not change your ign to mock any player on the server, this will result in a ban until you are able to change your name
    Minigame Rules:
    • No intentionally leaving games to avoid a specific person/skilled players, this is known as game evasion and is a bannable offense
    • No teaming
    • No boosting
    Thank you for reading this and please make sure to follow the rules at all times in order to have the best experience on the Enlighten Network!

    Rules are subject to change and all final determination falls to the staff members present

    If you feel you have been unfairly banned please create a ban appeal

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