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Reporting Players

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Jun 30, 2020
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Reporting on the Forums

Reporting a player on the forums can be constituted for many reasons, including but not limited to In-Game Hacks, Chat Abuse, Harassment, Griefing, and Threats.

Note: to report any player, you must have your minecraft account linked to your forums account.

When reporting a player, you must have evidence of some sort (screenshots of Griefing, videos of Hacking, etc) to have your report be considered. We simply don't have the time to thoroughly investigate reports that don't already solid evidence of misconduct. If your report is a Griefing report, please be sure to include the coordinates of the griefed location, and the server this occurred on.

  • If your video is over 3 minutes long, we recommend you include timestamps of where the player is hacking.
  • If you do not include the in-game name(s) of the rule violators, you will have to resubmit your report.
  • There is a maximum time frame within which submitted reports maybe investigated. Please make reports as soon as possible after the incident occurred.
  • We will not be accepting proof through the replay mod as valid evidence due to the possibility of the proof being altered or faked.
  • We will also not be accepting proof recorded while using the first person spectating mode. Please continue to record by normal methods in third person view if you plan on reporting a player breaking our server rules.
  • We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however this is in the best interest of our players and the time they spend on our server.

All parts of the format are required. It makes our jobs much easier if you format it exactly to what is written below:
  • In-Game Name:
    The rule violator(s) name.
  • Reason:
    What the rule violator(s) have done to break the rules.
  • Evidence:
    Screenshots and/or videos of the rule violator(s) breaking the rules.
  • Do you give us permission to share your proof:

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