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    My Blaze Spawner


    New member
    Dec 29, 2020
    Reaction score
    So, I just got on the server like in 2 months and I just wanted to play a little with my friend and have some fun. Then, I went to my friends house and he wanted me to get out of his house and I as going to and he was lighting me on fire. i then told him i wanted to show him something really cool and i placed the blaze spawner and then he broke it with a normal pixae and you need a silk touch to break a spawner. So, basically I placedd down a balze spawner and then he borke and now I do not have one. Then i asked a staff if I can have a replacment and they said no. So, if there are any staff out there, please contact me at "[email protected]" or just replay to this tread.


    Active member
    Moon_and_Sun_Clan Aurora_Sky
    Jul 16, 2020
    Reaction score
    Unfortunately, I don't believe there isn't anything we can do about a broken blaze spawner since there really is no proof that you had it in the first place and it isn't our job to fix accidents like that, similar to items despawning. If you come on tomorrow though I can give you one of my own since I don't really have a use for it lol.

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