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Closed Application to The Board of Directors!

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Deleted member 10

  • Discord Username ~ TheMusicMan250#5531
  • Minecraft Username ~ TheMusicMan250
  • What is your age? 18
  • What is your timezone? EST
  • What rank do you have on the server? Director
  • Do you have any form of capture software to record bugs? I do, have capture software.
  • When did you start on the server? April 4th, 2020 ( Six Month active on the server )
  • What is a feature that you would like to see added to the SMP gamemode? I think it would be cool for the new pets thing, to be synced with the skills plugin! So instead of rewarding time active, It rewards that and the further you progress into the game! I also think that different legacy items should be added, Alongside the current Dragon items! The SMP gamemode is also repetitive after a while! It would be interesting if you could have like a multiple profile system, Where once you get bored you could create another profile and start again!
  • What is a new minigame you would like to see added to the Network? Bedwars would be interesting! I know it has been attempted before, however, I think now that the dev team has grown I think it could be manageable!
  • Are you well known on the server? Yes, I would say I am. The entire staff team knows of me! I am friends with most of them, most of the time when I log in most people speak with me and try to engage... So yes, I'd say I could be considered "Well-known"
Side note. I have spoken with staff members in regards to Enlighten several times, whilst I may have come off rude (That was not my intention) I have Enlightens best interest at heart. I've been apart of this community for a while! I enjoy coming on the server and speaking with people, I recently took a break from Enlighten as I didn't like the way Enlighten had shifted into what had seemed to be a copy of Hypixel. I see now that an effort is being made to allow more community insight, I would love to be apart of this as I think it is a wonderful opportunity! Considering my long past with the server, and how close I have been with most of the staff members; I understand the ins and outs of the server and how everything works for the most part! I think allowing me to be on the "Board of Directors" would be a good decision. I'm interested to see your responses!
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