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    Adding More Stuff To The Server


    New member
    Unicornism Unicornsim
    Jan 12, 2021
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    Dash, can you please add more weapons people can work for or like add other pets that do other stuff, here's an example, "A Nether Pet" Which gives you a more percentage of getting Wither Skulls. You can get Nethers pets from defeating the wither. Also maybe add more cool animals that can give you other stuff but don't make the plugin so confusing if you add these plugins in. Also for some examples of weapons, "Nether Sword" Maybe a, "Dash Sword" Like you could sell them sometimes ah
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    Active member
    Shadow Shadow
    Dec 28, 2020
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    id say a Wither Pet is def needed, as for a sword, id say dash should introduce a new dragon, 2500-3000 hp has the same effects as transcendent drag (crystal respawn lightning strike etc) and it should give like fragments to an entirely new armor that has like ProtX and a sword with SharpX and these fragments would be the top drop, while the drops u would get for no weight would just be norm drag stuff.
    i propose this bc current drag stuff is so common that boots and frags are worthless, only the chestplate sword pet and bow are useful now so this would revive the server economy

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