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    1. BattleDash

      /g rename

      If you want to change your guild name, you need to message me, renaming guilds isn't a supported feature yet (but is on the list) to prevent spamming, we need a system for logging guild actions before we implement that.
    2. BattleDash

      Enlighten down?

      I was doing some maintenance on the proxy for a few minutes, it came back up exactly when you posted this.
    3. BattleDash

      Minecraft 1.17 Update

      Hello all, UPDATE 6/24/21 - Enlighten now supports 1.17 connections! Minecraft 1.17 Part I released today! Very exciting news. Unfortunately, Enlighten will not be supporting 1.17 logins for the time being, there are multiple reasons for this. First of all, 1.17 completely gets rid of...
    4. BattleDash

      /Wild Cool Down

      This is super off topic and turning into a huge useless necro. I already gave my opinion on this matter, locking.
    5. BattleDash

      Is this a glitch?

      Not a glitch
    6. BattleDash

      Multiple Pets at Once?

      I feel that could definitely be too OP and abused, there's also no good way to display multiple pets at once, it would look super weird
    7. BattleDash

      Is this a glitch?

      What about it?
    8. BattleDash

      Enlighten is Back

      Hey all, I'm finally home from my trip, and after a night of debugging issues and implementing new systems, Enlighten is finally back. The lobby & minigame instancing system has been completely rewritten in Java, and load balancing is now controlled by MasterControl. Because of this, lobbies...
    9. BattleDash


      This E thing is being taken a bit too far, it's just spam now. I'm locking this thread.
    10. BattleDash

      Can you guys add /afk pls

      Sounds pretty useless, it would rely on people being trustworthy and doing the command whenever they go AFK. If we were to implement an AFK system it would be automatic and untoggleable.
    11. BattleDash

      Which theme is this?

      It was developed for us, it's not public unfortunately.
    12. BattleDash


    13. BattleDash

      An update on the state of the Network

      Hello all, As you may have noticed the network is currently offline, I'm going to do my best to explain why, and give an estimate on when it will be back. At ~10pm PST May 15th, our main dedicated server malfunctioned and started reporting that its resources were depleted, despite having an...
    14. BattleDash

      SkyWars Update - New Maps & Balancing Changes!

      Hey all, We've been making sweeping changes to how our minigame and building systems work lately, to allow for much easier testing and deployment of new maps and integration into minigames. With that comes 2 new maps for SkyWars, 1 returning map, and gameplay balances and changes to the...
    15. BattleDash

      bring back hypixel-like rank pfps

      They were removed in anticipation of the forums redesign, which looks a lot better. Also, they were literally the hypixel images with the rank names edited in photoshop and color corrected, we don't currently have a designer/artist so it's the best I could do, but it's not good in the long run...
    16. BattleDash

      Auto-Server Rejoining

      Hey all, Today I'm pushing another small network update. If you leave and rejoin, you will now automatically be sent back to the server you were last in. This works for persistent servers like SMP, and minigames (you'll be sent back to spectate). This is an experimental system in our Master...
    17. BattleDash

      Guild Leaderboards

      Fiddled around and got this working, will be deployed on the next proxy restart.

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