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  1. Silk


    He's a father, or a President?
  2. Silk

    Community Development Poll

    I don’t know, will there be a scare factor to the FNAF, because I want to scare my friends >:)
  3. Silk


    Why does it matter?
  4. Silk


  5. Silk

    Most nostalgic thing about Minecraft?

    Those never came out I think.
  6. Silk

    Live stream tomorrow!

    I'll be there.
  7. Silk

    Most nostalgic thing about Minecraft?

    Oof noises from old minecraft.
  8. Silk

    Most nostalgic thing about Minecraft?

    Oof noises.
  9. Silk

    Listen to Bill.

    OO, secrets.
  10. Silk

    I re-read this and I am cringing

    Place your soul by the watcher's feet so that he may see your altered form. Now thats off topic
  11. Silk

    Congratulate Lynix On 200k!

    He's growing too fast lmao
  12. Silk

    Doni's trolling or Lynix's trolling?

    No, bad.
  13. Silk


    Just wanted to take part ;-;
  14. Silk

    Happy Birthday Odin

  15. Silk

    haha new member cool

  16. Silk

    Questions about ranks

    Imagine the rush of people trying to obtain vast amounts of wealth in the new world.
  17. Silk

    Enlighten has a new Forums System

    I can't wait til they upgrade the look of the website.
  18. Silk

    Idea For The Enlighten Discord

    This would be cool, but I wouldn't use it.
  19. Silk

    have 1.8 combat mechanics on SMP2?

    Also I feel the point is to survive, not to PvP, and any 1.8.9 server seems to be PvP based.
  20. Silk

    Plans for SMP 2.0?

    I feel that creating an exact copy of your old base would defeat the purpose of a new world, would it not?