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  1. BattleDash


    Pets are exclusively an SMP feature This voids the point of parkour, and isn't currently possible because it would allow you to fly out of spawn and generate new chunks This is very obviously pay to win, something we never want to be come We've been working on a monthly-subscription based...
  2. BattleDash

    Twitch Integration

    Unfortunately not, this would require a lot more work. You would need to input your twitch credentials into chat, and we would need to store twitch tokens in our database, I think reading chat is all we'll do for now.
  3. BattleDash

    Twitch Integration

    Hey all, We know some people only have 1 monitor but like to stream, and others don't like having to look over to see their chat. We're adding a twitch integration feature to the Enlighten Network. To connect to your channel, simply do /twitch connect <channelName> For example, /twitch...
  4. BattleDash

    Jetblock Joyride Release (v0.1)

    Hey all, Jetblock Joyride is a spin on the game "Jetpack Joyride", and is the first singleplayer minigame. An NPC of yourself will spawn and explode out of the wall on the left when you spawn, your camera will follow the NPC. Holding spacebar will "jetpack" upwards, avoid the lasers and...
  5. BattleDash

    How to apply for the Enlighten Player Panel

    This is not the place to apply.
  6. BattleDash


    "The commands don't work" is a very broad statement, if this is a bug report, this is not the place or format to make one. SkyBlock is in the backlog, it was originally made as a filler mode to have something other than SMP, we have too many things to work on in SMP to be able to update...
  7. BattleDash


    Not currently, no. We're not some big company that can do programming interviews and lock down levels of code to sectors and stuff so people can't do damage, if you're dev, you have access to everything. That being so, a big part of being a developer is trust, we use internal passwords that...
  8. BattleDash

    Crate Ideas

    That's just an enchant, not a custom item or ability
  9. BattleDash

    I Need Help

    Was a test in SMP 1, and was removed like a day after. Your point?
  10. BattleDash

    I Need Help

    There are no custom enchants
  11. BattleDash

    I Need Help

    Combining enchantments is not currently supported.
  12. BattleDash

    Coal/charcoal to black dye datapack

    Datapacks are 1.13+, hence we cannot use datapacks. We could replicate that function in a plugin, but I'm not sure if we will.
  13. BattleDash

    pog its murder mystery now

    You realize they didn't invent murder mystery right? The game itself isn't even similar to their version of it It was always originally murder mystery, we changed the name to among us for a bit and decided to change it back to murder mystery because among us has started to die down.
  14. BattleDash

    Crate Ideas

    You could literally just buy/sell spam and make free money though Also not sure about the logistics of long-term effects like that, I'm asking more about items that are permanent and can be used like sword/bow abilities
  15. BattleDash


    This belongs in the reporting rule breakers forum
  16. BattleDash

    SMP Bug Fixes & Stability Improvements

    Hey all, Making a quick post to tell everyone I've just fixed some crucial bugs with our custom server version EnlightenSpigot. You're probably used to seeing "Log2" and similar item names for some items. This is now fixed! All item names should display correctly. (Except for mob spawners...
  17. BattleDash

    a second SMP for 1.17?

    Like we've said many times, the server will probably never progress past 1.12.2. 1.13+ changed too many things for it to be plausible and we don't like or support newer versions. If it was my decision SMP would still be 1.8.9.
  18. BattleDash

    SkyWars and the Enlighten Player Panel

    Hey All! Today we're releasing the long awaited SkyWars Minigame in beta, and the Enlighten Player Panel. SkyWars Version: 1.8-1.16.3 Right now SkyWars is very basic (this is currently the alpha testing stage). There's no stats tracking, no cosmetics, no kits, etc. You spawn on a random...
  19. BattleDash

    How to apply for the Enlighten Player Panel

    Player Panel It's come to our attention that we're good developers (debatable), but bad players. We don't know what the community wants in terms of details when it comes to SMP Updates and new Minigames, so we're creating the Enlighten Player Panel to solve this problem (For example, the global...