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    Latest threads

    Minecraft 1.17 Update

    Hello all,

    UPDATE 6/24/21 - Enlighten now supports 1.17 connections!

    Minecraft 1.17 Part I released today! Very exciting news. Unfortunately, Enlighten will not be supporting 1.17 logins for the time being, there are multiple reasons for this. 1.17 makes significant changes to client<->server transaction packets, which are heavily used by our Anti-Cheat, as well as other protocol-breaking changes that need to be accounted for before going ahead with the update.

    I'm not saying 1.17 will never be supported, just that it will take a bit. Expect an update in a week or two on the topic.


    Enlighten is Back

    Hey all,

    I'm finally home from my trip, and after a night of debugging issues and implementing new systems, Enlighten is finally back.

    The lobby & minigame instancing system has been completely rewritten in Java, and load balancing is now controlled by MasterControl.

    Because of this, lobbies now appear as "dynamicserverXXXX" instead of "lobbyX" when you join them. In the lobby switcher and scoreboard you can see the real lobby name.

    The auto-rejoining feature has also been modified. You no longer rejoin the server you were last in, but rather the lobby type for the gamemode you were playing. For example, if you were playing SMP you would rejoin the MAIN lobby. If you were playing SkyWars you would rejoin the SkyWars Lobby. (Soon™)

    The server may be in maintenance sporadically for the next few days as we deploy updates to our new instancing system.

    Minigames like SkyWars and Duels are currently down, as they're being adapted to use our new instancing system and bug tested.

    Apologies for the extended downtime, there wasn't anything any of us could do about it.

    An update on the state of the Network

    Hello all,

    As you may have noticed the network is currently offline, I'm going to do my best to explain why, and give an estimate on when it will be back.

    At ~10pm PST May 15th, our main dedicated server malfunctioned and started reporting that its resources were depleted, despite having an abundance of free memory, cores, and storage. I have only had this happen three times in the past, and in my experience it requires a full restart of the dedicated server.

    The issue there is that I'm out of town on vacation for the week, and I can't login to the server remotely to restart it since we have lots of security in place.

    When I get home I'm doing to do a deep dive into the server logs to try and discover what potentially caused the incident, because it is a big deal.

    With that being said, the network will stay down until at least May 22nd/23rd, when I am home and able to diagnose and mitigate the issues properly.

    The forums seem to be thankfully be unaffected by the server issues.

    Thank you for your patience, and my apologies that this can't be fixed sooner.

    SkyWars Update - New Maps & Balancing Changes!

    Hey all,

    We've been making sweeping changes to how our minigame and building systems work lately, to allow for much easier testing and deployment of new maps and integration into minigames.

    With that comes 2 new maps for SkyWars, 1 returning map, and gameplay balances and changes to the current maps.

    ▶ 2 New Maps

    SkyWars Solo - Space

    SkyWars Solo - Habrock

    ▶ 1 Returning Map

    The Medieval map is finally back! After some long-awaited fixes.

    ▶ Map Balancing Changes

    The Aztec map has received some balancing changes, with less chests in the middle island, and partial bridges to get there quicker.

    ▶ Bug Fixes

    - Players are no longer randomly invisible
    - If the game has the max amount of players, the last 2 to join will no longer be put on the same island

    @LCMcrafter @ACE - Building
    @BattleDash - New Map Deployment System

    Enjoy, and happy playing! As always we appreciate any feedback you leave, and suggestions for new maps/features.

    Auto-Server Rejoining

    Hey all,

    Today I'm pushing another small network update.

    If you leave and rejoin, you will now automatically be sent back to the server you were last in. This works for persistent servers like SMP, and minigames (you'll be sent back to spectate).

    This is an experimental system in our Master Control Program (MCP) that activates exactly 1.5 seconds after you're authorized to join the network, and sent into a lobby. So you'll join a lobby, and then quickly switch back to your last server.

    As always, if you find any bugs, feel free to report them at https://enlightenmc.net/bugs.

    Happy playing!

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