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All Minigames support 1.8-1.16. SMP & Factions support 1.12.2-1.16.

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Latest threads

Emergency Downtime Incident

Hey all,

About 20 minutes ago, all servers on the network crashed, the incident has been resolved now, and I'm going to do my best to explain what went wrong.

We noticed the disk usage of our main dedicated server getting extremely high (93%), so I was clearing out some old logs and database backups we didn't need anymore. Since some of our server-specific databases like block logs use flat files, the process of clearing them only partially is a lot harder than clearing them entirely.

First you need to loop over and parse every single entry in the database, which is quite a lengthy task on it's own, you then need to decide if the entry is worth keeping or throwing away. Before I continue, I want to say that I'm not certain this is the root cause of the issue, but it seems like the most probable contributing factor. Our main dedicated server has 128GB RAM, which is a lot, but we also have a lot of systems privately and publicly, and servers to run, so it adds up quickly. The specific database I was clearing out was 131GB of flat file storage. What I believe happened is that the process of iterating the database caused our memory to overflow into swap memory, and since the system disk usage was already so high (93%), it filled the rest of that up with temp memory for the operation, which caused our main databases and systems to crash with out of disk space errors.

We will hopefully soon be getting a third dedicated server to distribute some of our server load to, to prevent instances like this happening again in the future.

The server is back in full working condition now.

Happy Playing!


Minor Skills Changes on SMP

Hey all,

I've got a very small SMP update for you today,

Patch Notes:
  • Bug fixes with some mining skill rewards, high tier double ores should work properly now.
  • Combat Skill XP Changes:
    • Skeleton XP changed from 6 to 3
    • Ender Dragon XP changed from 100 to 200
    • Spider XP changed from 1 to 3
    • Zombie Pigman XP changed from 2 to 6
    • Endermite XP changed from 2 to 1

Enlighten TeamSpeak Server

Hey all,

I've noticed a lot of people unable to use Discord because of the age restriction (13), so we've opened a small TeamSpeak 3 server for everyone to chat on!

If you have any issues or suggestions for it, post a forums post in the Feedback & Ideas section!

IP: ts.enlightenmc.net


2nd Christmas Movie

Hello everyone! For the second movie we will be watching Home Alone and it will be held at the same time on TUESDAY at 2:00pm PST, 5:00pm EST, or 10:00pm GMT . It will be run the exact same as the first movie. @BattleDash will give updates closer to the beginning of the movie and post a link when the movie starts. I hope everyone that watched enjoyed the first movie and hopefully we will have even more watch this one! Hope everyone is having a great, and safe, week prior to Christmas!

1st Christmas Movie!

Hello everyone! Slight change to our original plans for the movie nights, we unfortunately won't be able to watch a movie on Christmas Eve and will instead be pushing our movies up by one day (Now Monday-Wednesday). The first movie will be MONDAY December 21st and will be held at 2pm PST, 5pm EST, or 10 pm GMT. The first movie will be the winner of our vote, The Polar Express! I hope that everyone enjoys the movie, please wait for an announcement from @BattleDash in the Enlighten Network discord with a link to the stream prior to the time of the movie.

Please note if you are not currently in the discord please ensure your minecraft account is linked to the forums by following the steps at https://enlightenmc.net/link
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