SMP v2.2 Releasing Soon!

The Witchcraft and Wizardry Update

Lots of exciting things are coming to SMP soon! Credits to BlazeFria for the amazing render.

Minecraft 1.8-1.16.4 Supported!

We support a wide variety of versions.

All Minigames and SkyBlock support 1.8-1.16, and SMP specifically supports 1.12.2-1.16.

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Twitch Integration

Hey all,

We know some people only have 1 monitor but like to stream, and others don't like having to look over to see their chat.

We're adding a twitch integration feature to the Enlighten Network. To connect to your channel, simply do /twitch connect <channelName>

For example,
/twitch connect battledashbtw

Then when you're done, do /twitch disconnect!

Hope you enjoy this little feature,

Jetblock Joyride Release (v0.1)


Hey all,

Jetblock Joyride is a spin on the game "Jetpack Joyride", and is the first singleplayer minigame.

An NPC of yourself will spawn and explode out of the wall on the left when you spawn, your camera will follow the NPC. Holding spacebar will "jetpack" upwards, avoid the lasers and collect the coins!

The world is procedurally generated as you get farther and farther from 6 different possible areas.

The sidebar shows your current score and coin count. The score is the distance from the start. See how high your score can get!

Known Bugs:
  • Bugged Lighting levels in procedurally generated areas
  • Collision detection with lasers isn't great, the math for detecting if a player is crossing over the line is very complicated, so right now it only checks if you're intersecting with the middle of the laser.
  • New chunks start generating around 2,000 blocks out, breaking the game entirely
Coming Soon:
  • Stat tracking
  • Highscores
  • Leaderboards

SMP Bug Fixes & Stability Improvements

Hey all,

Making a quick post to tell everyone I've just fixed some crucial bugs with our custom server version EnlightenSpigot.

You're probably used to seeing "Log2" and similar item names for some items.
This is now fixed! All item names should display correctly. (Except for mob spawners, still working on those, and they'll now always just be "Monster Spawner")



In addition to this, all items in chests will now be reloaded when the chunk loads (Like /reloadlore). And when you join the server, all items in your inventory will have their lore recalculated before being loaded into your inventory (Again, like /reloadlore). We've done this for a few reasons:
  1. To root out Legacy Items
  2. In Case we ever make any changes to custom items (Like changing the name of an item), we want that to update automatically, instead of the player having to manually do /reloadlore to update it.

If you find any bugs with this new system other than the ones listed here, please submit a bug report ASAP, as these bugs could be crucial to Item stability and could have side effects if not dealt with immediately.

Pets are still down for the time being while we sort out some issues with them.


SkyWars and the Enlighten Player Panel


Hey All!

Today we're releasing the long awaited SkyWars Minigame in beta, and the Enlighten Player Panel.


Version: 1.8-1.16.3

Right now SkyWars is very basic (this is currently the alpha testing stage). There's no stats tracking, no cosmetics, no kits, etc. You spawn on a random island, and are given 3 chests. Every 3 minutes the chests refill. The chests in the sub-middle and middle islands have OP loot. Last man standing wins.

We currently have 2 maps at launch, Medieval and Aztec, however the third fourth maps are coming soon!

Games have a minimum of 4 players, and max of 8. Please play a lot and let us know what you think! We're looking for lots of feedback on this. Report any bugs to

If you're in a party, and join a game, your party will automatically be warped into the same server as you.

Enlighten Player Panel ("Board of Directors")
It's come to our attention that we're good developers, but bad players. We don't know what the community wants in terms of details when it comes to SMP Updates and new Minigames, so we're creating the Enlighten Player Panel to solve this problem (For example, the global dragon announcements were an oversight).

We're going to be taking applications and inviting known members of the community to join the panel. To apply, you must have the Director rank, which is why we're affectionately nick-naming it the "Board of Directors" (Get it?). You must be a well known member in the community, excel in a skill like PvP, or have lots of knowledge about how core games like SMP work and a creative mindset to come up with new ideas and improve on ours, and you must be at least 14 years old.

Joining the panel will grant you inside-access to internal information relating to new minigames and/or SMP updates and how our systems operate. Sharing any information will result in demotion from the team and may result in further punishment depending on the severity.

Consider applying to join the team if you have an interest in shaping the future of the server in your image, and contributing to help us do the best we can in providing a great player experience.

SMP v2.11 - The Pet Update


Hey All!

It's been a while since we added anything big to SMP, and with SMP v2.2 still quite a while away, I wanted to release one of the systems in it early.

Pets are little companions you can take around the world with you, and while they're active you'll receive perks specific to the active pet and be able to gain XP for the pet.


Right now there are 3 available Pets In-Game: The Bee, Enderman, and Ender Dragon

To obtain the Bee, walk forward in Spawn until you find the Beekeeper, there you may purchase a Bee Pet for $1,000,000 Coins.



Obtaining the Enderman is similar to getting Eyes of Summoning, but way harder.

An Enderman Pet can drop from any Enderman, with a 0.05% Drop Chance.

The Enderman's Perk is Summoner's Rift, which gives you extra Summoning Eye Drop Chance. At level 1, it gives you 0.5% more chance, at Level 100, it gives you 10% more chance.

The Ender Dragon is the new most valuable item in the game. It drops with 700 Weight from the new Transcendent Dragon, when active, it gives you extra hearts and higher damage to dragons (these perks scale and get higher as you level up, which is explained below).


Pet Perks and Leveling
Pet Perks increase as you Level up your Pets. For example, a Level 1 Bee gives you a 0.5% Speed boost, but a Level 100 Bee gives you a 50% Speed boost.

Right now, every 10 minutes you will gain 1,000 XP for your currently active Pet. You can only have 1 Pet Active (Spawned) at a time. This is currently the only way to gain XP, however many more methods will be coming soon.

The Max Pet Level is 100

Once you get a pet, you can right click it in-game to add it to your Pets Inventory. The Pets Inventory can be accessed with the /pets command. Here you can activate (Spawn) pets. Pets can be removed from your Pet Inventory and given back as items by clicking the gray icon on the bottom of the menu and clicking a pet.


Pet XP/Level is attributed to their specific Item, not your account. This means that you can have multiple pets of the same type with different levels, and auction off pets with certain levels to other players as well.

This is kind of a beta test of the system, we're aware of a few spawning and inventory related bugs with pets as of right now but if you find any more please let us know at

If all goes well, many more pets will be added soon!

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